3D Modelling.

Surface Modelling 2007-20
Theme: Alias Modelling, Class-A Surface Modelling 

Image: BMW - Work samples motorcycle - Surface Layout

Image: VW Bugatti - Work samples automotive - Surfacing, Blend, Fillet, Evaluation

Image: Hansgrohe - Work samples product design - Surfacing, Evaluation

Image: ZEUTSCHEL, LOEWE, Hansgrohe - Work samples product design - Sketch-Modelling, Surfacing, Evaluation

Wind Energy.

New wind turbine concepts 2007-12
Theme: "Renewable energy, innovation, vertical axis wind turbine"
Concept discription: "vertical axis wind turbine, lightweight construction, power of 300W to 10kW and higher capacities"
Innovative feature: "Wedge-shaped rotor blades, no overspeed protection is required by stronger winds"
Van Cuong Hoang
Task: design, CAD modelling, rendering, implementation test system

Already tested for 600W power
Rotor: 6-Blade
Start rotating at: 1,1 m/s
Power producing at: 3 m/s
Charging voltage: 12/24V
Further information: info@hoang-design.de
PEUGEOT ONLINE MAGAZIN - SCHÖNE WINDKRAFT: http://www2.peugeot.de/avenue/archiv/01-2012/

Scenario - wind turbine to 10kW power: Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Scenario - wind turbine to 10kW power: Altensteig, Germany

Scenario - small wind turbine 600W power: Mui Ne, Viet Nam


Schuler Fahrzeugbau 2007-11
Theme: Promotion Trucks, F1 Motorhomes
Design: Van Cuong Hoang (Atelier Kirn, Schuler Fahrzeugbau)
Task: design, concept, rendering, animation, layout

Bicycle Design.

New bicycle concept 2007/8
Theme: Innovation - Bicycles made of cardboard
Concept discription: "diagonally moving bicycle with the same and moved pedal position"
Design: Van Cuong Hoang
Task: design, CAD modelling, rendering
Further information: info@hoang-design.de

Design, Concept, Rendering.

Image: Automotive - Training sketches
Image: Product design - Work samples 2000-2007, frog design Oxygen mask, Motorola smartphones, Merian navigator,
Liebherr Coca Cola Retro cooler


c't - creativ'08: http://www.heise.de/ct/creativ/08/01/abstimmung/4
Theme: Creative contest on the 25th c't Birthday
Design: Van Cuong Hoang
design concept, illustration


QIAGEN BioRobot 2000-2006
: QIAsymphony, QIAcube, (BioRobot 8000 and 3000 variations)
Design: Van Cuong Hoang (Peter Weber, Christian Knoop + frogdesign-team)
Task: concept and design development, animation, CAD modelling, support for model and prototype


Video eyewear.

Carl Zeiss cinemizer 2006
Theme: "Innovation, quality, coolness" - "Social comfort, physical comfort, portability, performance, interaction"
Concept discription: "Video eyewear for 3-D cinema, 3-D games and other applications "
Design: Van Cuong Hoang (Christian Knoop + frogdesign-team)
Task: design concepts, Alias CAD modelling, rendering 

Image: Carl Zeiss AG


July 1999 FH Hildesheim
Diploma thesis: Design of a prosthesis for the lower leg
Design: Van Cuong Hoang
Supervising tutor: Prof. Werner Sauer and Prof. Otto Almstadt
Supported by: Mrs Ngoan from Norden, Mrs Doris Roller occupational therapist, Mr Kamper company Gerling Orthopädie- Technik, company Otto Bock Orthopädische-Industrie and Biedermann Motech; the Deutsches Rote Kreuz, Unicef and Terre des Hommes

Special features: Cost-efficient by using bamboo and cotton
Field of application: Especially for developing countries
Further information: info@hoang-design.de

Light Design.

Winter 1997/8 FH Hildesheim
Theme: "Starting Light" Philips Design-Contest
Concept discription: Development of a multifunctional light for the application of five different lamp types
Design team: Van Cuong Hoang (Hartmut Konietzko, Andrea und Hauke Haller)
Supervising tutor: Prof. Werner Sauer
Client: Philips Design Eindhoven