Product: concept, 3D modelling, Class-A Surface Modelling, rendering and animation
Product development: Visions, ideas, innovation, concepts, product studies, product design


Formdefinition by means of different representation technologies, model construction and CAD-construction
3D Computer surface modelling in Alias for the construction of CNC-millingforms and Rapid Prototyping forms
Design processes by inquest, concept creation and development
Verbal, graphic and computer interactive presentations


Representation technologies: I am familiar with pencils, fine liners, markers, chalk, water color techniques,
  airbrush and paint brush

Modelmaking: handling with clay, gypsum, styrofoam, solid foam, wood, metal
Digital representations: outlines and renderings in Photoshop and Alias via Wacom Tablet or Display
Alias 2021: preparation of high quality 3D surfaces, renderings and animation sequences
Alias/ Showcase 2011: renderings and Quicktime VR-movies
Alias Maya 6 (basic knowledge): renderings, animation
Design processes: Team and own concepts, development and project monitoring
Graphics and presentation: creation of graphics in Adobe Illustrator,
preperation of PowerPoint presentations